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What services do I provide?

  • DJ for Weddings.
  • DJ for Concerts.
  • DJ for Clubs Party.
  • DJ for Events.
  • DJ for Corporate.
  • DJ for birthday.

Rich Music

High quality and professional music dash for all event’s.

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311 providence dr Dallas Ga 30157, US.

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+1 706-979-0008

Why Book Me for DJ

Companies and private clients want to make a difference on their events through originality and professionalism. With a professional approach, I have the skills, the light and sound system and an endless music repertoire in order to provide the best service with no schedule limitations..I also come with option a very good multi-instrumentalist.

High Quality Sound

Rich multimedia and original sound mix. Make you realize the bits.

Customized Playlist

I come with a fully customized playlist according to the events.

Succesful Event manage

Won't disapoint a single person for the best sound mixture.

Professional Approach

I have done more than 200+ successful events for public and private clients.


My Services

I can animate your party with a DJ set of short or long duration. I have a very large musical repertoire (world music, lounge, dub, techno, minimal, jazz etc.) and I would adapt according to the atmosphere, the place and the moment.

DJ for Weddings

Wedding Party

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DJ for Concerts


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DJ for Clubs

CLub Party

Book now for your Clubs.

DJ for Events

Local Events party

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DJ for Corporate Party

Corporate Events Party

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DJ for Birthday Party

Birthday Party

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DJ for Baby Showers

Baby Showers

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DJ for Festival

Festival Party

Book now for any Festival Party.

DJ for Parivate Party

Private Party

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What my client say about me

All successful events are pride on my life. I try to give the best music to fulfill event needs.

Larry Brian

“DJ Next One makes my office yearly celebration outstanding and memorable.Hope to get back to him next year celebration.”


Get your next event more delightful with DNO

Get all the real vibes and music mix by DJ next one.

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311 providence dr Dallas Ga 30157

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